The Illusion of Someday - Rethinking Possibility

I. The Illusion of Someday: Rethinking Possibility

Possibility as the potential of the present.

If someone says to us, “X is possible,” we would normally understand them to mean that X does not now exist, and that its existence, even someday, is not certain. Our use of the word possibility is different from this ordinary usage. We are not speaking about something remote or something that may happen out in the future. In this session, we look at the notion of possibility in a whole new light.
This new view of possibility has an immediate and powerful impact on who we are, how we live our lives, and how we see things – now, in the present. It has the power to move, touch, and inspire us; to shape our actions; and to shift the way we are being right now.^1

Landmark already introduced “stories” and “filtering” and how awareness of these introduces a state of “possibility” not available when we are distracted by the mumbling of a story. I already, briefly, pointed out how possibility is inherent to all situations. Our stories obscure seeing the openness in arising situations. With “The Illusion of Someday: Rethinking Possibility” we are told where possibility resides; that it’s not something to be discovered in the future; that it is the potential the present holds.

Possibility is not an option that becomes available at some point in the future. After all, such a future will be a present at the time—a living moment. From this perspective possibility is not like tomatoes we get to pluck in the future. Tomatoes are a result, an outcome, having selected what is available in the present. What gives rise to tomatoes are the soil, seed, and the nurturing that’s provided. That’s what is available to us, the causes and conditions, in the present. The ripening of tomatoes is a future event, but the possibility available to us actualizing tomatoes in the future are within present circumstances. Possibility is here for the plucking, but it’s not this obvious, is it?

At this point it has been shared that this is what we do, with stories, filtering, The Vicious Circle and Rackets, but have not been provided with explanations. Why do we engage in stories, filtering and Rackets? Why do we believe possibility is a future condition? What are the explanations Landmark provides explaining these behaviors? What is the Landmark worldview that provides the ground for these explanations, if it were to provide them? Obscurity and vagueness is a lazy excuse when no clear explanations are provided.